Icon Music Review: Five Hot Songs About Coffee

Reviewed/written by Craig Hoffman
If my heart stopped at this second, the police would find some change, a health insurance card, and a coupon for a free cup of coffee on my person. My potential demise aside, here are some great songs about my favorite morning beverage. Do you agree? Let the Icon know in the comments!

“The Coffee Song”- Frank Sinatra (1946)

A great tune to get your day started. It is a bit dated, but the warbles of Ol’ Blue Eyes are timeless. The song has been covered by several other artists as well as featured on The Muppet Show.

Nothing In My Wallet But Pictures!

I am reminded of a time long ago when my wallet was empty. My how times have changed! It’s a funny feeling to know while my wallet at present is empty; my life is full. To be sure, I am most grateful for that. It beats the alternative every time.

I read an article a few months ago about money and happiness. Research shows that in America it takes only $75,000 (give or take) a year to make most folks happy. Of course, other factors like health and relationships play a role in life contentment, too. The idea is any money above that figure does not significantly increase life happiness.

“One Cup of Coffee”-Bob Marley (1962)

This song is not likely one most people know even from such a well-known artist like Marley. It is one of his earliest recordings. It is not one of his biggest hits, but the off-beat feel and groove to the song will keep you around for another cup of joe.

Wait, What? I’m Rich!

On the flip side, I read another article. It says if you have no debt and ten dollars in your wallet, your net worth is greater than twenty-five percent of Americans. I stand on this train with zero money in my wallet; yet, I am more fortunate than many people in America.

Moreover, two-thirds of the world’s population lives on less than two US dollars a day, most of those people on less than a dollar. The four bucks in change jingling in my back pants’ pocket makes me upper class in any number of places around the world. Sad, isn’t it?

“Black Coffee”- Ella Fitzgerald (1960)

One supposes more people drink alcohol than coffee to get over a breakup. But this song is a classic. Ella is as smooth as ever. “Black Coffee” has also been performed by several notable musicians including Ray Charles. It’s sure to perk you up when you are feeling down!

All About The Money, Money, Money!

I remember a time in America when money (or lack thereof) permeated my every thought. There was never anything I did in my life that was not connected to money. It was a depressing feeling.

Now, my wife handles the family finances. That is common in Japan. I gave my ATM card to my wife years ago. I get some pocket money every week. And, that’s it.

“You’re So Vain”- Carly Simon (1972)

While not as directly related to the black deliciousness that is coffee, the lyrics “clouds in my coffee…” are iconic. Oddly, that is not a direct reference to java, but rather to a fight that Simon had on a plane with a friend. Of course, she likely won’t be going to Starbucks with Warren Beatty anytime soon either.

Where Is My Cash Going?

It was a difficult transition to not deal with money matters. I remember pestering my wife about where the family’s money was going. My inquisitions were annoying her. So I stopped asking. After, there was a great measure of freedom in working hard, living life, and never talking about money.

To be sure, that is easier to do when one has enough cash. Thankfully, I don’t worry too much about keeping the lights on every month. Still, I never take money for granted. Trust me, I am not loaded. I will be working for a living until I am a 125.

“Coffee Shop”- The Red Hot Chili Peppers (1995)

This is the last single from the group’s One Hot Minute album. The record is generally underrated by critics and fans, but “Coffee Shop” features the band near their very best. The music video is more popular, perhaps, than the song, but it’s a must listen either way.

Don’t Worry; Be Happy!

No amount of worrying about money changes my bank account balance. My energy and time is focused on working as hard as I can. That is the part I control. The rest is up to my company, my health, fate, and the universe.

Final take: I’d cut down on drinking caffeine, but the above songs make me thirsty for more coffee. Good thing I have this awesome coupon in my hand! How about you? What is your go-to beverage of choice? Let the Icon know in the comments. Free coffee!: 5/5

Craig Hoffman is a music graduate of Ohio Northern University and The University of Akron School of Music. He also serves as the Icon’s Japan correspondent.

Originally published at http://www.adaicon.com.




Craig is a #writer, #editor, #betareader & #blogger. 2000+ #blog posts & seven #ebooks including #shortstories “The Tempo of Tempura” and “Carl Crapper.”

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Craig Hoffman

Craig Hoffman

Craig is a #writer, #editor, #betareader & #blogger. 2000+ #blog posts & seven #ebooks including #shortstories “The Tempo of Tempura” and “Carl Crapper.”

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